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Effective Communications

To be competitive in today's business environment you need to be able to communicate effectively to a number of key audiences. Confidence in yourself and your ability to present your case simply and logically is essential to success. Your audience needs to feel you are not only professional and credible, the "best in the business" but also the kind of people in whom they have total confidence.

Our programme helps you to develop the ability to communicate confidently and effectively in all situations. More importantly it enables you to be yourself.

The approach focuses on:

  • Analysing and understanding your audience's needs
  • Structuring and developing the best response to those needs so that your audience not only understands and remembers the messages, but starts to build a rapport with you
  • Using documents and visuals to enhance communication
  • Answering questions and using a dialogue to add value
  • Preparing and practising the process to allow 100% of your personality to come across.

This in-depth training approach has been developed by Ward Cook Associates' founder, Anna Cook.

Anna works with senior management to mastermind communications strategies and develop clarity and consistency in their presentation. She couples pre-planning and content preparation with professional training in the psychology of the protagonist or audience, helping to instill a process and discipline that will create lasting confidence and a real improvement in every presenter, promoting a positive image of their organisation and themselves.

Ward Cook's approach to both internal and external communications has proved particularly valuable, addressing a wide range of client requirements including:

  • IPOs & other fundraisings
  • Investor relations & other corporate communications
  • New business presentations & competitive pitches
  • Effective marketing of investment research
  • Bids, mergers, acquisitions & disposals
  • Privatizations
  • Conference & seminar speeches
  • Media interviews & press conferences
  • Financial & physical crises

Ward Cook's client list, like the service provided is confidential but includes;

  • Major Investment Banks & other Financial Institutions
  • Corporates in all sectors of commerce and industry
  • International Lawyers, Accountants & other Professional Advisers
  • Major Insurers, Underwriters & Brokers
  • PR & Management Consultants
  • Trade Associations & Local Authorities.

Ward Cook Associates, 3c Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JU
Tel: +44 (0)207 235 1497, Email: anna@wardcookassociates.com